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Coláiste an Eachréidh

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí / Parents’ Committee

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 21st May 2022

Gaelcampus – there was a meeting last week with the Department officials, who were pleased with the drawings for the 450-pupil secondary school, 16 primary school classes and Naoinra. Next stage is to submit the application for planning permission. The Campus will complete the original vision from 29th August 2006, when for the first time 2 Irish schools (primary and secondary) opened on the same day in the same location. 

Extra-curricular – the Coláiste completed a full academic year for the first time in 3 years, with no closures. A lot of trips happened and some are still to come to reinforce memories and wellbeing (including the 5th years to the Aran Islands). TY graduation was last Friday, LC graduation was last Thursday, the first in-person and indoors events since June 2019 in the old school. In the Concern debates the Coláiste 5th year were silver medallists  in the final, first school ever to reach the final in their first attempt.

Support – Free webinar invitations for parents on supporting teenagers (Barnado’s is the organiser) were sent through VSWare last week.

School self-evaluation – this is done every year. It was last done before Covid and now is back on the priority list. It’s a survey designed along with the Student Council which was then put to all pupils, with similar surveys to the staff, covering what it’s working well and what isn’t etc. The Coláiste is analysing the data in the near term with a view to implementing approaches that work for the students. A key feedback was around the amount of homework across the board, which the school is looking at, especially students needing more time time to revise for exams. The Coláiste homework policy is in development. Another significant area was Student Wellbeing and the Coláiste will participate in the ‘One Good School’ initiative next year.

School website – New website is launched!

Brian thanked all parents for the privilege of leading the Coláiste for the last 16 years. Parents’ continued support for Irish immersion and the new GaelCampus will be key for students and the community in the years and decades to come. The Parents’ Council thanked Brian for his service and wished him a long and happy retirement. 


Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 7th February 2022

Gaelcampus – Cody architects have drawn up some preliminary campus layouts. Total site area is @3.8Ha with a significant frontage to the campus. The design team has also had some preliminary preplanning meeting with the County planners.

Covid-19 – Despite the general, recent lifting of restrictions, currently, schools are unchanged. NPHET are meeting 17th Feb, an update is expected at that time. The principal reported that the students are doing extremely well, with a really good attitude in very tough circumstances.

State Examinations – Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams are scheduled as normal (with a second sitting in place for medical/bereavement). Papers have been revised to allow for the disruption- additional question choices, removal of some compulsory elements etc. Minister Foley announced that results should be in the vicinity of last year’s. Orals in Irish and modern languages are being held in the Easter holidays as is the Music practical.

Transition Year – the TY musical is going ahead, another piece of great news, it is scheduled for 24th and 25th March. The trip is also in discussion. Work experience commences the week of 14th February.

Policies – the Board of Management, next week, will conduct its annual review of the Anti-Bullying policy as well as the Child Safeguarding statements and associated Risk Assessment. An addition to the risk assessment this year is the inclusion of provisions like appropriate supervision of exclusive swimming sessions (school reserves private sessions not at public times) in the local pool.

Homework and Assessment policy, including the area of assignments on Microsoft Teams, is also under review; for example, teachers can privately chat with students who may not want to ask a ‘public’ question. Protocols around the use of, and organisation of TEAMS platform are being drafted.

Communication – with parents is via the VSWare App and the website. Brian signalled that a redesign of the Colaiste’s webpage was underway and he invited those present to contribute their views. A positive, constructive discussion ensued. Brian said that he would send out a FORMS questionnaire and that the next meeting would be a single-item agenda – website redesign.

Philip was thanked for organising the meeting.

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 15th November 2021

The Coiste has not had a physical meeting since 2019, huge disruption for students and teachers – current 2nd and 3rd Years were only 6/7 weeks ‘in school’ between December ’20,  and September ’21. Well done to students and teachers for getting on with things, mask-wearing etc. There have only been 2 Covid cases in school during the pandemic, the mild winter has helped so far.

Very good Leaving Cert results, although somewhat elevated across the country, annually 30% of our students attain 500+ points (national average of 9-11%) this year @40% were in that bracket. Important to note that not all students go to third level, it’s not the only measure of success, there’s something for all the students.- Junior Cert results were school-based, the pressure is lessened.

The Coiste recorded its sympathies to the family of Daniel Coyle, past-pupil LC 2016 on his sad and untimely death.

  • The Coláiste is advising students to wear multiple layers of t-shirts under their school uniform to stay warm in ventilated winter class rooms
  • The Transition Year musical is unfortunately postponed until (tentatively) 17/18 Feb 2022

  • There will not be in-person Parent-Teacher meetings before Christmas, they will be organised via the telephone

  • All parents are encouraged to download and use the VS Ware App to stay current on Coláiste affairs

  • The Gaelcampus project is continuing to move forward with regular meetings. Demolishing the existing buildings will mean it could be 3 years before the campus opens.

  • The Coláiste will be doing a review of policies like homework/assessment and anti-bullying, working with parents and student council. Any parent who wants to be on a working group should contact the Coláiste

  • Ex-curricular activities are back since September, which is helping to get the buzz back into Coláiste life. Sean O’Briain is running this, with something on in the gym every evening. The Coláiste has recorded success on the girls and boys football teams, the debating team and the table quiz teams.

  • The Coiste acknowledged the great work of Etain and Alistair, the Coláiste Board of Management representatives

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 23 March 2021

– 3rd years: Guidelines for JC. Students will get 2 certificates 1) school report and 2) state report. State leaving it to the school. 70% of the overall mark is exam, 30% will be awarded based on other evidence of learning. Good for the students to get an exam of sorts, though not a state exam

– School is finishing one week early 28th May to facilitate the Accredited Grades Process

– 5th year options are still being worked on

– End of year exam for the other years as well (except TY and 6th year) will be 50% exam, 20% online attendance, 30% evidence of other work since November 2020

– Gaelcampus: Coady appointed as architects last week, forward momentum, Nolan are the QS, first meeting with Brian and Sinead. Some input on design  will permitted.

– Online parent-teacher meeting for 3rd years Wednesday 24th March

– Covid: Made some changes for the return for safety’s sake, new layouts, 5th and 6th years on separate lunch breaks, new floor markings and dispensers. There was 1 positive case among the school’s pupils, contracted at home, close contacts isolated and 2 tests were fine, an encouraging indication that the school procedures are working.

– Keeping TYs motivated as much as possible, been a tough year

– Brian suggested a meeting with the BoM

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 30 November 2020

– Brían made the Council aware of 2 recent bereavements connected with the Coláiste

– Covid – nothing really has changed, there are no revised guidelines.

– VSware app – there is new mobile app available, see the text message from the school

– Remote teaching and learning – this is a big focus for all school self-evaluations. There has been positive parental feedback. 174 pupils responded and the student council is doing more work to analyse the feedback. A lot of students found it challenging to maintain focus during the live classes

– Gaelcampus – plans are progressing well for the only gaelcampus in Connacht and the school has secured approval for a 450-pupil, 6050 square metre facility, with a full-size gym, 3 external play areas and a 180 square metre library. There may be an opportunity to influence the design of the facade, possibly echoing the castle and/or or arch

– The school is looking to review and redesign its website and social media platforms and is looking to students, parents and the wider community for suggestions

– 12th Dec is deadline for new applications to the school for the 2021-2022 academic year

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 13 October 2020

– Covid. Students doing really well since coming back. School divided into zones, expected behaviours etc, Gearoidín on point for the project as LWR. Dept of Ed really stepped up with additional cleaning resources, minor modifications and supervision requirements. Brian complemented the students on their cooperation and adaptation to the new routines necessitated by the Covid context.

Planning for the academic year and for end-of-year exams in school.

– New staff: Brendan Ellis, Eanna Corry, Mary Ryan (Emma’s maternity leave), Larry Morgan in a caretaker capacity.

PE added to the LC curriculum this year, we needed the gym for that application. 

– Campus Gaelscolaíochta: Pre-planning stages well advanced, Design Team to be appointed imminently  with construction phase to follow. No ‘planning permission’ hold-up foreseen. 2-year window from now, maybe demolish Q1 2021

– Calculated Grades: No-one looking to re-sit the exams, some disappointment with subjects downgrading but overall the students were very happy and have progressed to the next chapter of their education and training. JC results was all down to the teachers, huge commitment from the staff.

Parents commended the teachers on the effort with remote teaching, to get the learning onlines so soon after lockdown and to sustain that through to the summer.

-School Self-Evaluation: Brían is conducting a survey review on remote teaching and learning to get feedback, coming to us too.

– Open night: No physical open night this year, doing a short video, English first, Gaeilge later, released 7:30 Thursday 15th October (10/15 mins).

– After school study: After school study 27-30 students, been going 3 weeks, homework club is more of a come and go thing, officially starts Wed 14th, Wednesdays/Thursdays for an hour

– TY: TY musical postponed to the end of the year.

– School Bags: Trying to minimise the amount of physical text books, some of them have a code for a digital copy. Students have been advised by staff that one A4 refill will suffice for notes/classwork for all subjects – transfer the material to subject-folders which can be kept at home.

– Obair bhaile: Can still hand in work remotely as during lockdown, using the TEAMS assignments platform.

– Temperature: Classroom door and windows open, has been cold in October, students are wrapping up

– Next meeting:  the of week November 30th or so.

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 25 November 2019

  • As part of the Coláiste’s School Improvement Plan, there’s a strong focus on the student experience in the school. The Coláiste is surveying both students and parents on homework to get feedback. The parents’ council was able to help fine-tune the survey, which is coming out very soon.

– Congratulations to our TY year on a fantastic show ‘All Shook Up‘. Great acting, singing and dancing, and in Irish too, go iontach!

  • Treat Cafe (who work with GRETB and already serve Claregalway and Lackagh), is to provide of healthy warn lunch options. They’re coming into the Coláiste canteen on Thursday 28th November for a trial, serving food as an outside catering function. Lunches cost between about €3 and €5. We look forward to the students’ feedback.

Next meeting Monday January 13th.

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 21 October 2019

The main focus is on the educational side for the students, and less on the fund-raising side.

The meetings are in English, and last one hour, 5 or 6 meetings a year. We need more parents to attend these meetings because more opinions and insights improve the overall experience for the students. Please come along and see for yourself. Next meeting Monday 25th November, 7pm – 8pm.

Some main topics from our meeting:

  • It’s been historically difficult to get people onto the Council. Lorraine, some parent might be burnt out from primary schools.  At our next meeting, we will look at homework and assessment policy (part of the school improvement plan), and maybe design an online survey. People should try and bring a friend to the next meeting.
  • Étaín Ó Corcora agreed to rejoin as Chair of the Parents’ Committee. Brían thanked Etain for all her service and insights as outgoing Board of Management member. Lorraine Byrne agreed to join the Board of Management as the Irish-speaking female parent and Alastair Mac Aindreasa as the father representative.
  • The new junior cycle is more skills-based, away from exams and results, and starts with the first years doing the full cycle this year
  • What should we call the new Gaelcampus, if not Gaelcampus? Any suggestions? Building schedule: Clarin College end date is Feb/March 2020. The old Clarin College will then be demolished, then work will start on the Gaelcampus on the 7+ acre site
  • We had the largest enrollment to date, 55 pupils in first year, and forecasting the same next year
  • Exam results were very good again significantly ahead of national averages, Leaving Cert results continue to be @3 times the national rates.

Paul Dilger (Rúnaí)

Board of Management parents’ reps: Étaín Ó Corcora & Eoghan Mac Cormaic


Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 23 October 2018

We’re looking for parents to fill the following volunteer roles. The stronger our Council is, the more we can get done and the more we can do for students and the school:

  • Chairperson (Irish needed to represent parents at Board of Management meetings)- Public Relations Office- Treasurer:- These roles involve a very small time commitment.

Some main topics from our last meeting:

-We have 43 first year students for the 2018/2019 year, 2 forms-There are now 219 in the school. Transition Year – we now has a TY coordinator, múinteoir Áine- We were very pleased with the school inspectors’ report from the evaluation (which was done before the school was allocated additional management positions**), especially around well-being, . One recommendation was around the creation of a Student Council- We’ve taken on board some initiatives from the school self-evaluation- The TY Musical is coming up in mid-November!! Contact the school for tickets- Muinteoir Caroline and Muinteoir Oisín have moved on, we wish them all the best, while welcoming Muinteoirí Nóra, Sean and múinteoir Aifric who is returning from a career break.- The General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 (‘GDPR’) impacts the regular assessments and sharing results with parents during the year. When the student becomes 18, they become a different data protection entity, so the Coláiste has to get their consent to share their data with their parents- Fund-raising: We’re looking at an Irish version of The Cube with a celebrity host! Please contact us if you can help with the organsation of this important event- Do you have an interesting topic or speaker that would enrich the lives of our students and / or parents? Let us know

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 16 April 2018

School evaluation- report yet to issue

  • New school: Committee officers will visit some similarly sized schools in the autumn 350-400 pupils is the target size
  • Committee Brian McG elected Treasurer replacing Mary, who has indicated she would like to step down since her youngest is in 6th year – many thanks to Mary for her support over the past 8 years.
  • Fund-raising: Looking at Brian’s sports events idea. Sean O’M mentioned the cube as Gaeilge.
  • Circulars: 12 of 18, Religious Education (students have the opt out of religious education). GRETB is part of ETBI (national body). The status quo still applies. Colaiste is multi-denominational, RE provision is about education and does not contain any instruction in any religion.
  • Circulars: 03 of 18, revised structures for middle management in schools. Moving to 3 Assistant Principal (AP) level 1, and 4 for AP level 2, and a program co-ordinator. Additional for the Colaiste is the co-ordinator, 2 more at level 1 and 3 more at level 2 (Currently we have Principal, Vice Principal, 1 AP1 and 1 AP2).

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 18 September 2017

(Meetings generally last one hour maximum, are in English, and are a great way for you stay in touch and make suggestions for improvements. All welcome.)

– The Coláiste is 10 years old! We’re now at 206 pupils, 20 teachers
– There are 40 children in the new first year, with a healthy 50-50 split male/female
– Revised Junior cycle programme (starting with these 1st years) -students now take 9 subjects, with a short course in CSPE
– Leaving Cert results were very good, with 33% of students exceeding 510 points, this is against the national average of 9%. This year saw the introduction of a new CAO points system for Leaving Cert  Click for more info
– We welcome 2 new teachers on staff. Múinteoir Oisin is covering PE and Irish, Muinteoir James is covering Business and Geography. Best wishes to Múinteoir Caroline and Múinteoir Deirdre who will shortly be going on maternity leave.
-A new online Fee Payment facility, has been launched – parents’ feedback to date is very positive
– Our 2 additional classrooms are very nearly complete!
– Many thanks to the parents and Transition Year parents, who raised €716 at Dunnes bag-packing on 16th Septembr
– Our new Coláiste rugby team has started up
We have a range of activities already lined up:
– Introduction to Jigsaw (a self-referral service for 16+ students) discussing mental health matters
– Study skills sessions for students and parents
– 1 period a week of pastoral support for students
– Sports activities after school every night, and other activities at lunchtimes (eg. chess, traditional Music session)
– Open night Wed 25th October 7:30pm for prospective first-year parents and students
– Coláiste Musical – Back to the 80s! Thursday and Friday 16th and 17th November. Mark your diaries!
Your ideas for external speakers and fund-raising are always welcome

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 23 March 2017

A ‘Wellbeing’ module is being introduced as part of new junior cycle reform, 2 periods a week. It will be compulsory, with no exam. The new cycle features 10% of the mark allocated to classroom-based assessment (‘CBA’). Also, exams will be 2 hours, and this approach will be phased in by subject. There’s more information for parents at 
New school hours will be effective September 2017, where the Colaiste has to move to 40 minutes minimum per class period. Students must have 28 hours of class contact per week, so it’s likely the school will move to 9 periods a day Monday to Thursday and 6 periods on a Friday with an earlier finish, @1:20pm. Exact times will be decided to align with bus and train times.
For those parents looking for more subject information (especially for students choosing subjects in 1st year and also in TY students choosing for the senior cycle), see
The Colaiste is already starting to look at the TY trip in 2018 and the Autumn musical, with auditions this academic year
The 5th years are going to RTE for a day soon, as a result of Ciara ní Ghríofa’s fantastic win at BT Young Scientists Exhibition
Date for your diary: Information night for 3rd year parents about the TY, Tuesday 25th April 7pm
Another date for your diary: Presentation on the new junior cycle, as part of the next Parents’ Council meeting, Wednesday 3rd May 7pm-8pm

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 26 Jan 2017

The school is 10 years old! Many thanks to all the students, teachers and parents who made this first decade such a successful one.

Please remind your children to make full use of the lockers. They’re provided free to students, whereas it’s not unusual for there to be a charge for them in other schools.

The school will be setting up a stationery shop for student to get work essentials – details to follow.

Thanks to all parents who returned the summer survey. The results were very encouraging and the school plans to reach out to parents for their views across a number of areas.

It’s been a fantastic start to the academic year so far:

– Mamma Mia was a great success

– Senior Boys B won the All-Ireland Volleyball

– At the BT Young Scientist awards in Dublin, Ciara ní Ghríofa came 1st in her category – Social & Behavioural Sciences

– The 1st years boys won the  All Ireland Spike Ball

– We attended the music national finals

– At the quiz night, the Coláiste came 2nd and go forward to the All Irelands on 27/28th March

There’s also a lot going on over the coming weeks and months:

– 2 additional classrooms confirmed for August/September

– There’ll be around 40 students for the intake in ’17/’18

– The TY students have a plenty to fill out their time, with drivers’ education in the soccer car park, dancing lessons,the April trip to Madrid, a TY drama on an Irish author in March (in the Coláiste), and a quiz to organise for the 5 Gaelscoileanna.

– There’s a linguistics workshop w/c 30.1.17

– February is friendship / anti-bullying awareness month

– There are also talks planned on sexual hygiene and LGBT awareness, Internet/social media awareness and the laws around it, and drugs and alcohol awareness

The next Parents Council meeting is Thursday 23rd March 2017 at 7pm in the school staff room. It’s in English and lasts an hour, why not come along and let your voice be heard

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 6th Oct 2016

The first meeting of the Coláiste Parents Council for 2016/2017 was held on Thursday 6th October 2016

We encourage all parents to attend Council meetings. We need your help! All meetings are in English, Here are some of the things happening:

– There are lots of activities for the students at lunchtimes, including, chess has started, music, a range of sports at lunchtime. Computer coding is also coming soon.

— There was some discussion on the weight of the bags, students to be encouraged to use the lockers more

– There is a new catering system at lunch time

– Music is new on the curriculum

– The Coláiste is 10 years old this year – as is Gaelscoil Riada, there’s a joint event in the planning – watch out for announcements this term

– The Big Brother Big Sister program starts on Monday 10th October 2016

– The Coláiste has organised, in partnership with the Western Region Drugs Task Force, a series of talks on drug awareness to help parents broach these subjects with their children. These sessions are free of charge to all parents. Watch out for details of the first session

– We’re joined this year by 48 new first year students, split alomst exactly 50-50 between boys and girls. They’re very welcome and we wish them well as they start the secondary school careers, with the new subject of music on the curriculum this year

– Junior Cert and Leaving Cert results were very good. Junior Cert, 9/10 papers taken at higher level, 82% were A/B/C. Leaving, 15 students sat, going onto a variety of things. 28% of students exceeded 510 points, 62% exceeded 410 points, four times & twice the national average respectively.

– Did you know that your child’s GRETB Microsoft Office license is good for 4 more downloads on other devices?

– The Transition Year musical for 2016 is Mamma Mia, on the 17th and 18th November in Athenry Community Hall. Look out for more details soon

– There’s an open night for prospective students of the Coláiste on the Wednesday 26th at 7:30pm. It would be great if you could volunteer to help and serve tea and biscuits etc

– The next Parents Council meeting will be after half term, details to follow

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 11th May 2016

Matters discussed included:-

Devices – Netbooks/Laptops/ Tablets – Coláiste moving towards BYOD (bring your own device) subject to minimum specifications and Windows operating systems

GRETB Awards Ceremony     (click on links for more information)

Woodwork National AwardComóradh 1916 50-50 LOTTO

School Uniform – O’Neills School Crested Top to be included as an option along with the school crested jacket and plain (no logos, no markings) plain black or navy coat/jacket

The Coláiste has recently had 2 inspections, for SEN (Special Education Needs) and Maths

The seminar on IT security awareness was very well received. Look out for the presentation slides soon on the Coláiste website

Behaviour Code – At least one weeks notice for after-school detention

Dates for your diary: 

Leaving Certification graduation night Thursday 19th May

Coláiste Awards Ceremony Monday 23rd May

Coláiste Sports Day Tuesday 24th May

Transition Year presentation night, Thursday 26th May

Summer Examinations May 26th -June 2nd

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 18th January 2016

The latest meeting of the Colaiste Parents Council was held on Monday 18th January. Some of the items discussed were:

– the weekly 50-50 lotto, where your odds of winning are very good indeed

– numbers for the new intake of 1st years in September

– watch out for a range of talks and shows aims at parents over the next few weeks, covering study skills, how to deal with signs of bullying, and safe Internet browsing for your children

We’re interested in your views and need your help! The next Parents Council Meeting meeting is on Tuesday 5th April at 7-8pm. Why not come along and suggest some speakers for future parents’ events, ways to raise funds for students, or lend a hand?


Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 16th November 2015

Agenda – items discussed:
– Study skills – scheduled for early 2016
– Keyboarding skills – Microsoft Academy could be suitable for that, get pupils to self-start on that, maybe termly prize on for progress or words per minute
– Colaiste 50-50 LOTTO will commence after the musical (this has now started after the superlative musical)
– Call for topics from parents for evening presentations
– Awards ceremony 22nd Dec 11am, parent committee members needed to give out awards
Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Meeting 14th October 2015
The latest meeting of the Coláiste parents council meeting was held on Wednesday 14th October at 7pm. 
We need your help! Please volunteer yourselves to attend council meetings, help with fund-raising or or suggest events and guest speakers for the school.

School Uniforms: Please contact the school with any questions about school uniforms.

Payments: Parents will have received payment requests from the school. These can now be done online via the VS system on the website. Please contact the school with any online payment issues.

Tablets: The School will be sending parents of their children’s use of their tablets on school premises, so that the school and parents can be informed accordingly.

Building: The new science lab is coming on well!

School musical: would like to advertise your company at the Colaiste musical? Or do you know a company that would? Contact the Colaiste office for more information.
Fund-raising: the Colaiste 50-50 lottery will start after mid-term break. Look out for other fund-raising events for the musical and beyond. Please send your items for discussion in advance of the next meeting on Monday 2nd November to the council secretary Paul via

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí – Meeting 24th September 2015

School Uniforms: Please contact the school with any questions about school uniforms. The Coiste was pleased with the various options of plain Black or Navy school coats/jackets which range in price from €22 – €50.

Payments: Parents will have received payment requests from the school. These can now be done online via the VS system on the website or alternatively by cheque/postal order or bank draft. Please contact the school with any online payment issues.

After-school study – Monday- Thursday from 4pm to 6pm. Looking at 9am -1pm Saturdays for senior students. A 5 minute break at 5pm was agreed upon.

Study Skills Session – to be organised for new first years and fifth years,

Tablets: The School will be sending parents reports of their children’s use of their tablets on school premises, so that the school and parents can be informed accordingly.

Building: The new science lab is coming on site in the next fortnight.

School musical: the Community hall is booked for 2 matinees and 2 evening shows on the 19th and 20th November. Tickets are €10 for the evening shows, €5 for the matinees. Please support this important show and please volunteer to help at the various fund-raising events.

We need your help! Please volunteer yourselves to attend council meetings, help with fund-raising or suggest events and guest speakers for the school.

Please send your items for discussion in advance of the next meeting on 14th October to the council secretary Paul via

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí –  30 Aibreán 2015

The latest meeting of the Coláiste parents council meeting was held on Thursday 30th April at 7pm. 
We need your help! Please volunteer yourselves to attend council meetings, help with our groups or suggest guest speakers for these important matters: 

Mental Health: A talk on bullying awareness is scheduled for the beginning of the new academic year

Dunnes Bag-packing 14/15 March: Well done everyone, we raised €611.20! Many thanks to Mary McCrossan and all the parents and students who were involved

Big Brother/Big Sister initiative: The Lough Kee event was a fantastic success! Thanks to Múinteoir Gearoidin for her work on this

Heavy school bags: Is your child complaining their bag is too heavy with hard-backed books? Remember only to buy hard backs if it’s specifically stated. Encourage your child to make use of their lockers and store the books they don’t need

Fund-raising: We’ll be doing more fund-raising to help raise money for the Transition Year school trip to mainland Europe next Easter

School musical: The school will be performing ‘Grease’ in November! Watch this space for more information and fund-raising efforts

Please send your items for discussion in advance of the meeting to the council secretary Paul via

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí –   3ú Márta 2015

The latest meeting of the Coláiste parents council meeting was held on Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm. 
We need your help!  – –Please volunteer yourselves to attend council meetings, help with our groups or suggest guest speakers for these important matters: 

Healthy School Initiative: there are a range of projects underway and we need a parent to help out and suggestions for speakers for the pupils on healthy eating.

Mental Health Matters: There will be a friendship week for anti-bullying coming up and we need suggestions for who can give a talk on mental health subjects, and we need a parent to come in and help out too.

Bag-Packing March 14/15, Dunnes Briarhill: we need your help to raise much-needed funds at this annual event. Contact Mary McCrossan on 085 723 4135 after 7pm to help us out.

Big Brother/Big Sister initiative: this is going well and we’re looking at more activities.

We’re also looking at the weight of school bags for the pupils to carry, the longevity of the new uniforms, and the car parking situation in the evenings.

Finally, we wish Múinteior Seán a speedy and safe recovery.


Coiste na dTuismitheoirí 29ú Eanáir 2015
 The latest meeting of the Coláiste parents council meeting was held on Thursday 29th January at 7:30. A wide-ranging list of topics were discussed, including:- 6th years  allowed out at lunchtime- Bag-packing slot at Dunnes Stores Briarhill, to help raise funds. Details to follow.- Updates on teacher industrial action around proposed changes to the junior cycle- The Coláiste is putting together a book on literacy fundamentals, transactional language, to help the transition to secondary school. This is part of literacy strategy and school improvement plan- Homework policy is currently under review, including the monitoring of ‘Dialann’ up to 3rd year- The Coláiste organises a leaving certificate graduation ceremony for pupils and parents.- First aid training was delivered after the council meeting of 19th November.
The next meeting of the Parents Council is on Tuesday 3rd March, 7:00pm to 8:00pm, in the staff room next to the office. All are welcome. 
Please send your items for discussion, as well as your suggestions for guest speakers, courses, fund-raising etc in advance of the meeting to the Coiste Tuismitheoirí secretary,

2014 AGM – Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Parents’ Council

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí – Election of Officers: The positions of Cathaoirleach(Chairperson) and Rúnaí (Secretary) were filled by Étaín Ó Corcora agus Paul Dilger respectively. Gabhadh buíochas le outgoing officers Maureen Berry agus Alison McCormaic for their contributions, interest and support during their time in office. Mary McCrossan was re-elected Treasurer.

The AGM was well attended and the following were among the matters discussed: – School Facilities & Future Developments; Coláiste Webpage – overview & suggestions; School Improvement Plan – Literacy & Numeracy; Coláiste – Pastoral Care; Examination Results; Extra-Curricular Activities; Behaviour Code – Polasaí Gaeilge; School Uniform – Parents’ Survey;  Board of Management Elections; Fund Raising – Bag Packing?; Future Information Sessions.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 19th at 7:00pm9

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Parents’ Council Meeting 13/03/14

A meeting was held at the Colaiste – among the items discussed were –  Results of the Uniform survey; Breathe (see homepage); Revised Anti-Bullying policy; Proposed reforms to the Junior Certificate; School Self-Evaluation;

Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Parents’ Council Meetings-1st Term

Included on the agenda – Update on the relocation of Coláiste an Eachréidh as part of the overall school accommodation plan for Athenry; Literacy and Numeracy Strategy; Brat Glas;  New administration software- VSWARE; Overview of the CAREERS PORTAL webpage; look at the revised COLÁISTE webpage; Principal’s report.

Bailiú Airgead / Fund Raising 2013

Buíochas le Coiste na dTuismitheoirí as ucht €1001 a bhailiú ‘bag-packing’ i Dunnes Briarhill. Well done to all involved! Úsáideadh an t-airgead chun maoiniú a dhéanamh ar dhuaiseanna le haghaidh Ceiliúradh Gaisce/ The monies raised went towards the end of year awards ceremony –  Ceiliúradh Gaisce.