Ábhair Roghnacha / Subject Options

 Rogha Ábhair Bliain 1 – 1st Year Subject Options

Click on the link below for general information and advice to assist with choosing FIRST YEAR Junior Cycle subjects

Rogha Ábhair Bliain 1 / First Year Subject Options


Click on the link below to view video tutorial on entering subject Options

Subject Options VS Ware


Eacnamaíocht Bhaile (Home Economics), Ealaín… (Art), Graificí Teicniúla (Technical Graphics), Staidéar Gnó (Business), Miotalóireacht (Metalwork), Teic. Ábhar Adhmad (Woodwork), Gearmáinís  (German), Ceol (Music), Stair (History), Tír Eolaíocht (Geography)


Cliceáil Anseo le haghaidh eolas ar an Sraith Sóisearach

Click here for Information on The Junior Cycle


5th Year Subject Options

Click on the link below for general information and advice to assist with choosing Leaving Certificate subjects

Choosing Subjects – Information

Now navigate to the bottom left hand corner of this page, click on the GAIRMTREOIR CAREERS icon and follow links to Choosing Subjects online.


Click on the link below for some very useful information and facts on further education

Parents’ Guide to Higher Education

CÚRSA (cao applicants)

The website, click on link below, aims to help potential students select a college course that they are most likely to enjoy and would give them the best chance of success.


Career guidance research shows that certain personality types flourish in particular careers. The prospector page of the website asks the user a series of simple questions about their likes and interests. The algorithm then applies Holland Codes (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) to match the users personality type to three, third level courses and career pathways that they best fit. The website also takes account of the users expected leaving certificate results, along with their preferred institute and county.

Ábhar Roghnacha / Subject Options for Leaving Certificate

If your son/daughter is in Bliain 1 or Idirbhliain (Transition Year) you can inform yourself of subject content, assessment, progression routes etc,. by following the steps below.

CÉIM 1 / STEP 1  – log onto the Coláiste homepage and click on the Gairmtreoir/Careers icon


CÉIM 2 / STEP 2 – click on the CAREERS PORTAL link, when you land on the homepage click on the SCHOOL icon as illustrated below (there are many more interesting links on this page)

Step 2 treoir

CÉIM 3 / STEP 3 – now select Junior Cert or Leaving Cert

Step 3 treoir

CEIM 4 / STEP 4– the illustration below shows the Leaving Cert page, where, as illustrated one can select individual subjects, download course content and follow other interesting links from there.

Step 4 treoir

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