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Folláine / Wellbeing

These are uncertain times for us all some people might find it more worrying than others. Most people’s lives will change in some way over a period of days, weeks or months. But in time, it will pass. It is important that we stay as physically and mentally well so we can support ourselves, family and friends.

Useful Tips:

Stay informed but set limits for news and social media; Keep up your healthy routines; Stay connected to others; Support Services  Read more

Click thíos le haghaidh eolas ar:

Wellbeing Activities prepared by Múinteoirí Seán & Niamh

Useful Apps For Mental Wellbeing

Emergency Services


GRETB and GTI teacher, Johnny Glynn, has put together some short videos below which are geared towards adults and students. Daily exercise and physical activity are so important for us all at the moment (teachers, students, administration and management). All of the links below are worth looking at and share with your students as you feel appropriate.

 Why ?

  1. Helps protects your immunity system
  2. Makes you less vulnerable
  3. Will make you feel better (mood/mental health)
  4. Helps to motivate you to do other positives.
  5. Puts a smile on your face

 How ?

  1. Keep an exercise diary (leave a page on the kitchen table)
  2. Choose  venues eg Prom, Cappagh park, Westside track, Dangan, kitchen, back garden
  3. Get a yoga mat
  4. Weather forecast is good
  5. Set a target for this time next week (Friday 27 March)
  6. Pick a time or times each day to exercise
  7. Get a walking partner if possible & keep distance

3 good exercises

Bear crawl

 Crab walk

 Goblet Sumo squat

 Home fun workout

 Home fun workout 2

20 Core exercises ( pick 5 you CAN DO)

 Very advanced exercises

 Sense of humour

 Different sense of humour